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The First Ocean Object Intelligent Sensing International Challenge Starts

date: Sep 09, 21views: 2831

Marine economy has entered a new era led by high-tech, and marine strategic emerging industries have become the scientific and technological commanding heights that all countries compete to seize. In recent years, driven by China's policy to promote the development of strategic emerging industries and related marine strategic emerging industries, the concentration of innovative elements and social funds into the field of strategic emerging industries in the ocean is evident. The technologies in key areas such as intelligent perception of ship navigation situation have accelerated breakthroughs, and demonstration applications have gradually increased. The industrial chains have been extended, and industrial scale has been expanding.

The challenge was organized by the China Shipbuilding Engineering Association, the International Organization for Ship and Marine Engineering Innovation and Cooperation (ICNAME), as well as the First Ocean Object Intelligent Sensing International Challenge Organizing Committee, and hosted by HEU.

The challenge involves core technical issues such as automatic target detection, identification and tracking technology, target trend forecasting, risk assessment, comprehensive situation reconstruction and 3D reconstruction under the fusion of visual information, infrared information and laser point cloud information in the ocean background. The challenge is based on the creation of a sound and light, electrical fusion of 360-degree, all-weather new sea surface environment awareness system, for the follow-up ship self-driving technology, intelligent ship field development of important technology and basic equipment.

The challenge has carefully designed the data samples and the rules, so that the change has both practical engineering significance, but also reflects the goal of students' innovative ability training, the winning algorithm and excellent ideas selected in the change, thus contributing to the technological development of the intelligent perception field of ship navigation situation in China.