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Challenge briefing on December 1st

date: Sep 09, 21views: 2639

The First Ocean Object Intelligent Sensing International Challenge was held in Harbin Engineering University (online). This event was sponsored by China Shipbuilding Engineering Society and other units, undertaken by Harbin Engineering University, and co-organized by Wuhan University of Technology. Some college students at home and abroad participated in this challenge.

The theme of this challenge is chasing dreams of the ocean, perceiving intelligence, breaking through oneself, and innovate the future. Participants are required to perform multiple types of marine ship target detection and recognition tasks. Full-time students from domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning can form a team and sign up for the challenge by email in the form of a team. The third-class awards are set up in this challenge, and the behind-the-scenes organizing committee will issue certificates to the winners after the challenge. So far, Xiu Jie and her happy little partner team have topped the list with a score of 64.68, which is also the team's highest score in history. The HEU-iRay and NWPU-SMST team ranked the second and third respectively with scores of 62.41 and 61.35.

The purpose of this challenge is to improve the students' innovative ability and enhance their mastery of marine ship knowledge, so as to train talents in this field.