lnnovation&cooperation in naval architecture&marine engineering alliance


Membership Application

Membership Qualification:

1.    ICNAME is open to colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises all over the world in the fields of naval architecture, ocean and marine engineering.

2.    Every member shall designate its head of the organization or other authoritative representative in handling the relevant matters in ICNAME.

Membership Rights:

1.  All members are privileged to attend the cooperative projects and activities organized by ICNAME.

2.  The presence of members in the activities organized by ICNAME will not influence the bilateral or multilateral  cooperation between the members in the past or in the future.

3.  In accordance with the regulations of each member organizations, members share intellectual property rights      of the achievements by ICNAME, and specific management measures shall be formulated separately.

4.  Members are free to join or withdraw ICNAME, but the withdraw should be delivered to the secretariat in        writing.

Membership Obligations:

1.  All members are required to pay conference fees for ICNAME.

2.  Abide by the rules of ICNAME, administrative regulations and articles in the constitution of ICNAME.

3.  Participate actively in the activities of ICNAME, and contribute to the development of the organization.

4.    Forms of Membership:

The two forms of memberships in ICNAME are as follows:

(1)    Committee Member Organizations;
(2)    Corporate Members (Organization/ Individual).