lnnovation&cooperation in naval architecture&marine engineering alliance

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Constitution of International Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Alliance

(Modified in 1st Board Meeting of ICNAME)


Section 1 (NAME):The name of this organization shall be International Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Alliance (abbreviated ICNAME). 

Section 2 (LEGAL STATUS):With Harbin Engineering University (China) as the major initiator and support from Dalian University of Technology(China), the University of Strathclyde (Great Britain), Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University (Russia), Bureau Veritas (France), and Ecole Centrale de Nantes(France), ICNAME shall be registered as a Non-Governmental organization devoted to the exchanges of research to share their achievements in naval  architecture and marine engineering and promotion of extensive cooperation as well as the development of science and technology. 

Section 3 (PURPOSES):ICNAME is organized exclusively for international cooperation in naval architecture and marine engineering in the form of promoting scientific research, achievements transformation, mutual cooperation, resource and knowledge sharing and collaborative development among universities, research institutions and shipyards, with a hope to advance the innovation and development of technologies in naval architecture and marine engineering as well as the application and  translation of research achievements to the marine industry.


Section 4 (COOPERATION FIELDS):ICNAME is intended for the cooperation in the ensuing fields:

1.    General marine design: technologies on environment-friendly marine designing, high-performance marine designing, digitalized marine construction, energy efficiency and security requirements, etc.

2.    Marine hydromechanics: ship resistance, ship promotion, sea keeping, ship maneuvering, numerical simulation technology, experimental technology, etc.

3.    Marine structural mechanics: researches on the environment loads,ship structural strength, ship structure reliability and risk analysis, new composite material mechanics, ship structure vibration anaylsis, ship blast impact response, etc.

4.    Marine power: technologies on ship power system, system control, engine emissions, vibration and noise control, etc.

5.    Underwater robot technology: researches on the overall technology, intelligent control, navigation, underwater technology control and communications, as well as underwater robots of either new concept or specialty, etc.

6.    Deepwater technology: technologies on deep sea floating structure designing, load and dynamic response, development design and analysis tools based on numerical and experimental techniques, the risk assessment, subsea and submersible station, etc.

7.    Marine renewable energy: researches on wind, wave and current, temperature-difference energy, seawater salt difference,  tidle energy, etc.

8.    Acoustic technology: researches on underwater acoustic channel and sonar system environment characteristics, underwater target recognition and detection, underwater acoustic sensor, underwater acoustic communication, etc.

9.    Other technologies: marine environmental protection, human factor, ballast water management, the impact of marine activities on the environment and other advanced technologies for about ocean exploration in harsh ocean environments including  ice covered areas in the future.  

Section 5(ACTIVITIES):ICNAME shall

1.    Set up platforms for communication and cooperation, promote the exchanges of achievements between members, spur mutual cooperation for universal development.

2.    Coordinate the resource advantages between members and promote project cooperation among members for common development around the professional demand and frontier topics to the common interest of members.

3.    Organize a seminar on different themes regularly around the professional demand and frontier topics in order to exchange research progress, explore cooperation, promote and strengthen the bilateral or multilateral cooperation between members so as to accelerate the transformation and application of research achievements in the industry.

4.    Record and publish the achievements of the seminars.

5.    Engage in other activities necessary for the purposes of ICNAME, e.g. exchange programs.



1.    ICNAME is open to colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises all over the world in the fields of naval architecture, ocean and marine engineering.

2.    Every member shall designate its head of the organization or other authoritative representative in handling the relevant matters in ICNAME.

3.    Membership Rights:
⑴All members are privileged to attend the cooperative projects and activities organized by ICNAME.

⑵The presence of members in the activities organized by ICNAME will not influence the bilateral or multilateral cooperation between the members in the past or in the future.

⑶In accordance with the regulations of each member organizations, members share intellectual propertyrights     of the achievements by ICNAME. The specific management measures shall be formulated separately.

⑷Members are free to join or withdraw ICNAME, but the withdraw from should be delivered to the secretariat in     writing.

4.    Membership Obligations:
⑴All members are required to pay annual subscription fees for the operation of ICNAME.

⑵Abide by the constitution of ICNAME, administrative regulations and articles in the constitution of ICNAME.

⑶Participate actively in the activities of ICNAME, and contribute to the development of the organization.

5.    Forms of Membership:
The two forms of memberships in ICNAME are as follows:
⑴    Committee Member Organizations;
⑵    Corporate Members (Organization/ Individual).


1.      Committee member organizations consist of:
⑴     Sponsor organizations;
⑵     Other organizations applied through secretariat, reviewed and approved by the council.

2.      Committee member organizations enjoy full voting rights.

3.      Committee member organizations are allowed to know the progress of ICNAME, financial situation, development plan, work plan, objectives and tasks, expenses and other major issues of common concern, to put forward opinions and suggestions, and to participate in discussions and supervision.

4. With the approval of the council, members are free to use the logo of ICNAME in the related activities of the members, and enjoy priority in employing all kinds of resources within ICNAME.


1.      ICNAME allows organizations or individuals who are not committee members to participate in relevant activities of ICNAME as corporate members. The task of corporate members is to report the activity conditions to their organizations, or to try to provide the feedback to ICNAME for reference. ICNAME accepts standing corporate organizations or individuals.

2. Corporate members do not enjoy voting rights.



1.    The main mechanism of the organization consists of:
(1)    The council led by the council chairman;
(2)    The secretariat led by secretary general.

2.    To achieve its purposes, ICNAME may establish auxiliary body when it deems necessary.

Section 10(COUNCIL):

As the top decision-making body, the council is responsible for major decisions of ICNAME. It consists of the following members:

(1)    Representatives from the founding members of ICNAME;

(2)    Representatives from members of the highest esteem in each member country (1-2 places from each member country);

In the Council, there should be a President and several Vice Presidents elected by the committee members. Founding members keep one places in the positions of President or Vice Presidents. All the President, Vice Presidents and other Members of the Council serve 3 years for one terms for maximum for two terms.   


ICNAME founds a secretariat for the daily operation, with responsibilities for all the administrative and secretarial tasks, including organizing and holding meetings, managing funds and fees, maintaining the web site. The secretariat shall have one secretary general nominated by the Council.



1.    ICNAME is non-profitable organization. Any member of the organization is not permited to engage in commercial activities of any kind in the name of ICNAME.

2.    ICNAME’s funding comes from membership dues or voluntary contributions, donations or other organizations subsidies, and fees from other services.

3.    Each member shoulders the duty to pay the membership fee of ICNAME according to the financial arrangements by the council. At the initial stage of ICNAME’s establishment, the membership fee shall mainly consist of the registration fee for attending the conferences held.

4.    ICNAME shall compose and conduct a strict financial management and approval system so as to ensure that accounting information is lawful, authentic, accurate and complete.


Section 13: The power of interpretation of the constitution lies in the hand of ICNAME and it is valid only after being agreed and approved by all the members.

Section 14: The constitution is subject to amendment or revision only with the proposal from the council of ICNAME and agreement by a two-thirds vote of representatives of those members in the council.