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The world's first numerical pool was awarded the china classification society certification certificate at the maritime conference

date: Sep 09, 21views: 2776

From chinanews:

hlj.chinanews.com, On December 3rd, China's numerical pool virtual test system application seminar was held at the 20th China International Maritime Exhibition, at which China's numerical pool virtual test system V1.0 version was officially released. China Classification Society for the wave increase virtual test system issued a certificate.

 "China Numerical Pool Virtual Test System V1.0 is an important software platform for our marine industry with fully independent intellectual property rights, which realizes the dream of Chinese ships to use our own industry software development and manufacturing. This is the only way for us to build a shipbuilding power. "The project leader, Professor XIA Guihua of HEU, said at the seminar.


China's numerical pool virtual test system contains 7 virtual test subsystems, which can carry out 24 types of virtual test, namely, ship wave resistance virtual test subsystem, ship rapid virtual test subsystem, ship maneuverable virtual test subsystem, propeller air bubble vibration force virtual test subsystem, marine platform motion and load virtual test subsystem, vortex vibration/vortex motion virtual test subsystem, and marine environment flow field virtual test subsystem. It can provide virtual testing of the main fluid power performance of 24 marine and marine platforms in the form of network cloud services and stand-alone versions, and can also evaluate the design performance of ships and marine platforms. At present, the entire research and development task of the system has been completed, 24 subsystems have been officially launched.

It is reported that the numerical pool breaks the space limitation and high cost constraints of the physical pool experiment, using advanced hydrodynamic theoretical model and fine numerical algorithm, systematically compiles the efficient computing software, providing the global industry users in different marine environment, carrying out the virtual test of the ship and marine structure logistics body dynamic response process, to meet the requirements of research, design and engineering applications in the field of marine and marine engineering. And its calculation accuracy and calculation efficiency is comparable with the international mainstream commercial software as a whole; some virtual tests such as ship wave increase virtual test reached the international leading level.


The virtual test system of china numerical pool is jointly led by HEU and 702 Institute of CSSC, and jointly developed by 708 Institute of CSSC, Shanghai Ship Transport Science Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Classification Society and other domestic advantages. At present, the system has passed the container ship, bulk carrier, oil tanker, semi-submersible platform of the international model and more than 600 large sub-sample physical pool test data verification, respectively, has been the certification of the Chinese classification society and the French classification society verification. Its application will strongly promote the digital shipbuilding field ushered in revolutionary changes, leading the digital shipbuilding services new industry, to help China's maritime power strategy.