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Reports of ICNAME2015

date: Aug 26, 15views: 1794

Theme Reports                       

1.The Intelligent System for Marine Equipment Hydrodynamic Simulation——Duan Wenyang(Harbin Engineering University)

2. Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms for Deep Waters   ——Atilla Incecik(University of Strathclyde)

Numerical Tank

1. Configuration Optimal Designs by the Simulation in Numerical Tank—— Feng ZHAO(China Ship Scientific Research Center)                                           

2. Overview of BV R&D activities in Marine Hydrodynamics ——Sime Malenica(Bureau Veritas)

3. Research and application on the technology of numerical tank-SSSRI ——Dong Guoxiang(Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute)

4.Progress of naoe-FOAM-SJTU Solver for Ship and Ocean Engineering Flows ——Wan Decheng(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

5. The Development of Cut Cell Method and its Application ——Li Tingqiu(Wuhan University of Technology)

6. Simulation of Offshore Structures in Virtual Ocean Basin (VOB)——Bai Wei(National University of Singapore )

7. Model Tests and Numerical Wave Tank——Allan R. Magee (National University of Singapore )

Marine Renewable Energy

1. Development of CFD Model for Hydrodynamic Prediction of a Horizontal Tidal Current ——Changhong HU(Kyushu University)

2. Passive Oscillating Hydrofoil Turbine for Tidal Current Energy Harvesting ——XU Jianan(Harbin Engineering University)

3.The development of engineering demonstration equipment for tidal current and the progress of its standard research ——Qin Daqing(Harbin Electric Corporation)

Ocean Engineering

1. “Key Technology of New Type Mid-Water Semi Submersible Drilling Unit” - BT-5000 Mid-water Semi ——Magnus(CIMC Raffles)

2.Coupling Analysis for Deep Water Platform System ——Teng Bin(Dalian University of Technology)

3.Design of Offshore Pipelines on Erodible Seabed ——Cheng Liang(University of Western Australia)

4.Innovation of a Flexible Riser for Ultra-Deepwater Application ——Tan Zhimin(GE Company)

5.Research in Fluid-Structure Interactions——P. Temarel(University of Southampton)

6.Ocean Engineering Model Test at Harbin Engineering University——Sun Liping(Harbin Engineering University)

7.Advanced Lightweight Magnesium Based Materials in Marine Engineering——Manoj Gupta(National University of Singapore)

Polar Vessel/Offshore Platform 

1.Naval Architecture of North Pole Shipping and Resources ——Wu Guoxiong(Harbin Engineering University)

2.FEFU Scientific Developments in Design of Marine Equipment and Facilities for Oil Offshore Exploration ——Maksim Kitaev(Far Eastern Federal University)

3. GSI   Experience with R&D of Polar Class ——He Guangwei(Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd)

4. Model Tests on the Ice Resistance on A New Ice Breaker in Arctic Conditions——Huang Yan(Tianjin University)

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