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Ecole Centrale Nantes (ECN)

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Founded in 1919, Ecole Centrale Nantes (ECN) is among the best higher education and research institutions in France in the fields of Science and Engineering. Ecole Centrale Nantes is a public institution belonging to the Ministry of Research and Education and receiving government support. The aim of Ecole Centrale Nantes is to develop top level future scientists and engineers in multidisciplinary as well as specific fields from 2000 students per year in engineering programmes, engineering diploma (5 years), Master's Degrees and PhDs. ECN Professors, administrative staff and alumni play an important role in improving national and international education research and corporate sectors.

Ecole Centrale Nantes has developed a strong international policy covering both training and research: hotbeds of innovation and open-mindedness, the research laboratories of Ecole Centrale Nantes provide strong links with the French industrial fabric and enjoy a reputation of excellence in Europe and around the world (ranked as Excellent A and A+ by national public evaluation agency).

The Laboratory for Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment ( LHEEA) is one of the 5 research labs in ECN. Counting a total of 115 people, the LHEEA lad is the leading research group in France for hydrodynamics, ocean engineering and marine renewable anergies, with also a significant activity in the modeling of internal combustion engines for automotive and marine application, and in the modelling of the urban and coastal atmosphere. The research activities is developed based on three main approaches: computer modelling, model experiments (with international level hydrodynamic facilities), and full scale testing, especially for marine renewable energy systems.