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ICNAME Makes New Progress

date: Nov 10, 16views: 1846

Lately, ICNAME makes new progress in expanding the organization. Aalto University (Finland) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) are joining in the organization. Both the two universities are well-known for their ship and ocean engineering techniques. The international influence of ICNAME is increasingly greater with the promotion of the international cooperation.

Beijing time from October 16th to 23rd, 2016, aiming at promoting the internationalization, ICNAME Chairman Xia Guihua accompanied with the staff members visited Aalto University, Bureau Veritas and Technical University of Lisbon. Through discussion and consultation, Aalto University aspired to join in ICNAME. As council unit, Bureau Veritas and Technical University of Lisbon gave suggestions on the location, time and topics of next ICNAME, and discussed numerical tank, renewable energy, deep-sea engineering, polar vessel/offshore platform and other key topics. The cooperation is expected to include intelligent ship, intelligent manufacturing and underwater robot.

Beijing time October 18th, Professor Faisal Khan, who is the dean of Department of engineering and Applied Sciences from Memorial University of Newfoundland, accompanied by 2 staff members, visited our university. Guo Chunyu, Vice Dean of the Ship Building Engineering College, met with the guests. Memorial University of Newfoundland aspired to join in ICNAME. The joining matters and the cooperation between the polar ship and ocean engineering were discussed.


Figure 1  ICNAME Chairman Xia Guihua (right 1) led a delegation to visit Finland Aalto University ice water pool


Figure 2  ICNAME Chairman Xia Guihua (right 1) and the Bureau Veritas senior general counsel Pierre Besse


Figure 3  The delegation with the teachers and students from Ship Engineering Department Technical University of Lisbon


Figure 4  The delegation of Memorial University of Newfoundland visiting Ship Engineering