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University of Strathclyde delegation visits HEU

date: Apr 01, 16views: 1786

On March 28th, 2016, Professor Atilla Incecik of the University of Strathclyde visited HEU with a delegation. Deputy Party Secretary XIA Guihua and Vice President WU Linzhi meet with the delegation.

Deputy Party Secretary XIA, the chairman of the ICNAME Council, met with Professor Incecik. He introduces the work and achievements of ICNAME since its establishment, after gaining the support of all levels of government and relevant departments, to him. He also discussed the second ICNAME Council meeting as well as the seminar on vessels and marine platforms in polar regions held during the 27th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair, including workshops for industry and business personnel. Chairman XIA held discussions with Professor Atilla on many topics included in the ICNAME Council meeting including: establishing additional professional subcommittees within ICNAME, research cooperation in areas including the numerical tank project, renewable energy, marine power, vessel and marine platform in the polar region, underwater acoustic engineering and materials among ICNAME members, on the two universities jointly applying for scientific research funding provided by the British government, and on the establishment of a PhD scholarship by ICNAME. Professor Atilla praised all the achievements made by ICNAME since its establishment, and said that the University of Strathclyde with strong research teams in the fields of structural mechanics, numerical tank, renewable energy, marine power, and polar vessels and marine platforms was very willing to strengthen scientific research cooperation with HEU and other ICNAME members. In addition, they would fully support the development of ICNAME and promote scientific cooperation and education between the members. 
Relevant staff from the Harbin Engineering University Science & Technology Research Institute, the International Exchange & Cooperation Office of HEU and the HEU College of Shipbuilding Engineering also participated in the discussions.

Professor Incecik is a member of the Council of ICNAME and has been actively involving in the establishment of the organization including preparation and development planning. The University of Strathclyde is one of the co-chairs of ICNAME. As it carries out scientific research and educational cooperation with HEU, it is not only an important member of ICNAME, but also an important cooperation partner within the framework of education and scientific research under ICNAME.

The Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering Department in the UK’s University of Strathclyde is currently the UK's largest shipbuilding and marine engineering department, and it is also one of the leading research centers on the field of ship and marine engineering in Britain and throughout Europe. Its research on ocean engineering, fluid mechanics, and marine engineering research is at the forefront in the world. University of Strathclyde scored 92 in the Higher Education Quality Assessment in 2009, reaching the "excellent" and "high satisfaction" levels, more than the University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow, ranking highest among universities in Scotland.

The establishment of ICNAME was initiated by HEU, on the basis of the Deep-Sea Engineering and High-Tech Ships Collaborative Innovation, working jointly with the University of Strathclyde, Bureau Veritas, Dalian University of Technology in China, Ecole Centralede Nantes in France and St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University in Russia to promote research cooperation and technological development in the field of Marine Engineering.