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HEU successful in SAMPE 2014 Super Lightweight Composite Bridge Student Contest

date: Dec 18, 14views: 1818

The 6th SAMPE China Super Lightweight Composite Bridge Student Contest was held in the Beijing International Exhibition Center from October 27-29, 2014. Three teams from the College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering at HEU obtained first, second and third prizes in the Natural Fiber Bridge Contest. A total of 99 student teams from 24 universities, including HEU, HIT, Beihang University and Tsinghua University, participated in the competition.

The SAMPE CHINA 2014 Conference and Exhibition was jointly sponsored by the SAMPE Beijing Chapter, SAMPE Shanghai Chapter, the Branch of Materials Engineering of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), the China Chemical Fiber Association, the Key National Engineering Laboratory of Structural Carbon Composites and the Key Laboratory of Advanced Composite Materials of the Beijing Institute of Aeronautics. This activity was committed to creating a platform for advanced materials, especially for advanced composites in regard to production, learning, research and application of processing technology and engineering applications. The SAMPE CHINA event has grown into the most forward-looking and international comprehensive activity in the field of advanced composite materials in China.