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Heilongjiang Province Vice Governor HU Yafeng visits HEU

date: Dec 18, 14views: 1777

On November 14th the Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province HU Yafeng and his delegation visited HEU. The delegation visited the Water Acoustic Technology Key Laboratory, the Underwater Robot Technology Key Laboratory, the Marine Power Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education and the Ship Simulation Research Center accompanied by President LIU Zhigang and Vice President XIA Guihua, and heard reports on scientific research and development, university-industry cooperation and achievements in serving the local and regional economy.

Vice President XIA briefly discussed funding for scientific research, the construction of the research platform, the development of major scientific research projects, transformation of scientific research achievements, achievements of serving the industry and local economy, and cooperation with enterprises within the province.

President LIU expressed the hope to further develop the school strengths of Three Oceans and One Nuclear (shipping industry, naval equipment, ocean exploration and nuclear applications) in subjects, scientific research and personnel training, strengthen further cooperation with relevant departments and enterprises in Heilongjiang Province in the application of marine engineering and nuclear power, continuously promote collaborative innovation between government enterprises and HEU to make a greater contribution to the economic development of Heilongjiang Province and the process of building China into a maritime power.

Vice Governor HU spoke highly of HEU's achievements and recent progress in development and construction. He said that the school should further develop its strengths and potential in school administration and make clear the Three Oceans and One Nuclear strategic orientation. HEU should systematically plan to establish developmental priorities, make continuous improvement and consolidate the foundation in related major key technologies so as to maintain the lead in Three Oceans and One Nuclear scientific research. HEU should also make full use of relevant policies to support and actively publicize and promotion  technological achievements, increase understanding of the requirements of industry and enterprises and help enterprises solve technical problems, further develop advantages in history and geography, continue to strengthen cooperation with Russia and other countries to make more contributions to regional economic development.