lnnovation&cooperation in naval architecture&marine engineering alliance



date: Jan 15, 16views: 1757

Environment issues are attracting increasing attentions. Thus environmental sustainability improvement calls for a profound understanding of how maritime activities affect the marine environment, that respectively promotes the development of technologies in marine design, construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning, moreover the marine renewable and safe production of oil and gas. For diminishing negative impacts of marine activities on the environment, technological advancements and implementations will be discussed by excellent operators, designers, constructors, marine scientists, regulatory authorities and researchers in the conference.

Followed the success of ICMT2012 and ICMT2014 hosted by HEU and SU, ICMT 2016 will take place in Harbin, China, 16 to 18 July, 2016. As an important academic event of Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Alliance, ICMT2016 is expected to provide a platform for alliance members and other interested bodies to share latest research achievements and development of technology in naval architecture and marine engineering.