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Reports of ICNAME2015
26/08/2015 22:53:11

Theme Reports                       

1.The Intelligent System for Marine Equipment Hydrodynamic Simulation°™°™Duan Wenyang£®Harbin Engineering University£©

2. Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms for Deep Waters   °™°™Atilla Incecik£®University of Strathclyde£©

Numerical Tank

1. Configuration Optimal Designs by the Simulation in Numerical Tank°™°™ Feng ZHAO(China Ship Scientific Research Center)                                           

2. Overview of BV R&D activities in Marine Hydrodynamics °™°™Sime Malenica£®Bureau Veritas£©

3. Research and application on the technology of numerical tank-SSSRI °™°™Dong Guoxiang£®Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute£©

4.Progress of naoe-FOAM-SJTU Solver for Ship and Ocean Engineering Flows °™°™Wan Decheng£®Shanghai Jiao Tong University£©

5. The Development of Cut Cell Method and its Application °™°™Li Tingqiu£®Wuhan University of Technology£©

6. Simulation of Offshore Structures in Virtual Ocean Basin (VOB)°™°™Bai Wei£®National University of Singapore )

7. Model Tests and Numerical Wave Tank°™°™Allan R. Magee (National University of Singapore )

Marine Renewable Energy

1. Development of CFD Model for Hydrodynamic Prediction of a Horizontal Tidal Current °™°™Changhong HU£®Kyushu University£©

2Passive Oscillating Hydrofoil Turbine for Tidal Current Energy Harvesting °™°™XU Jianan£®Harbin Engineering University£©

3.The development of engineering demonstration equipment for tidal current and the progress of its standard research °™°™Qin Daqing£®Harbin Electric Corporation£©

Ocean Engineering

1. °įKey Technology of New Type Mid-Water Semi Submersible Drilling Unit°Ī - BT-5000 Mid-water Semi °™°™Magnus£®CIMC Raffles£©

2.Coupling Analysis for Deep Water Platform System °™°™Teng Bin£®Dalian University of Technology£©

3.Design of Offshore Pipelines on Erodible Seabed °™°™Cheng Liang£®University of Western Australia£©

4.Innovation of a Flexible Riser for Ultra-Deepwater Application °™°™Tan Zhimin£®GE Company£©

5.Research in Fluid-Structure Interactions°™°™P. Temarel£®University of Southampton£©

6.Ocean Engineering Model Test at Harbin Engineering University°™°™Sun Liping£®Harbin Engineering University£©

7.Advanced Lightweight Magnesium Based Materials in Marine Engineering°™°™Manoj Gupta£®National University of Singapore£©

Polar Vessel/Offshore Platform 

1.Naval Architecture of North Pole Shipping and Resources °™°™Wu Guoxiong£®Harbin Engineering University£©

2.FEFU Scientific Developments in Design of Marine Equipment and Facilities for Oil Offshore Exploration °™°™Maksim Kitaev£®Far Eastern Federal University£©

3GSI   Experience with R&D of Polar Class °™°™He Guangwei£®Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd£©

4. Model Tests on the Ice Resistance on A New Ice Breaker in Arctic Conditions°™°™Huang Yan(Tianjin University)

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