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ICMT 2014
23/01/2014 14:34:42
International Conference on Maritime Technology
Glasgow, UK, 7thC9th July 2014
Following the success of ICMT2012 in Harbin Engineering University, China, in June 2012, the organisation committee is organising the second conference of the series, ICMT 2014, on 7th - 9th July 2014 in Glasgow, UK.
The aim:
As concern for the environment continues to increase, a greater understanding of the way the maritime activities impact on the marine environment is essential. There is a requirement to develop new technologies and operational practices to reduce the impact of the maritime activities on environment and thereby ensuring sustainability. This conference therefore aims to gather operators, designers, constructors, marine scientists, regulatory authorities and researchers to discuss technological advancement and implementations that will lead to the reduction of adverse impacts that marine activities have on the environment.
The news:
• The abstract review is finished, we would welcome the full papers.
• Early bird registration fees are offered at a 25 pounds off discount to encourage early registration by 23rd of May.
• We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors, Lloyd's Registration Marine and Class NK.
Conference Themes and Topics
• Technologies for Green Shipping: New designs and technologies for green shipping; EEDI/EEOI versus safety requirements; energy saving in engines and propulsion systems; emerging sources of ship powering systems; other issues concerning green shipping technology.
• Ship Hydrodynamics: Non-linear ship motions and loading; control of ship motions; dynamic positioning; added-resistance prediction; effect of hull fouling on ship resistance and performance; voyage optimisation; hydrodynamic hull optimisation.
• Ship Strength: Ultimate strength and fatigue analysis; reliability based strength analysis; new and composite materials; effect of corrosion on ultimate strength and fatigue life.
• Marine Engineering Systems: Propulsion systems; marine engines and machinery; thermal fluid systems and equipment; renewable and hybrid power systems; alternative fuels and emissions; marine control systems; noise and vibration control.
• Offshore Engineering: Design and analysis of deepwater floating structures; loads and dynamic response analysis; CFD modelling; fluid-structure interaction; design and analysis of station-keeping systems; risers & pipelines; VIV experiments and analysis.
• Marine Environment: Effect of marine and offshore operations on climate change; protection of marine ecosystem; ballast water management; carbon capture, transportation and storage; port management.
• Marine and Offshore Renewable Energy: Wave, wind and tidal energy resource assessment and forecasting; wind, wave and tidal device technology; grid connection and electrical systems; social and environment issues.
• Other topics: Maritime safety and security; supply chain management; EEZ management; human resources, education and training.
Rooms 301/303/319,
McCance Building,
University of Strathclyde,
16 Richmond Street,
Glasgow, G1 1XQ


Location of McCance building. (The map of University of Strathclyde)
ICMT 2014 is organised jointly by University of Strathclyde (SU) and Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

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