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Deepwater Technology
08/01/2014 23:24:18

Deepwater Technology:
    Centering around the need of marine resources in four links such as exploration, mining, transportation, storage and services, focusing on leading products like offshore geophysical equipment, mobile drilling equipment, floating production equipment, offshore engineering vessels, support vessels, which have high market demand and good technical foundation, sharing key basic common technology and key design and construction technology among design, construction and management, ICNAME aims to improve the level of basic common technology of marine engineering equipment and build a world-class platform for research and cooperation of marine engineering science and technology.


1. Independent research and development of 1500m deep water drilling ship
    ¡°Independent research and development of 1500m deep water drilling ship¡± is China¡¯s first research and development program in the field of deep water drilling ship with complete independence with a leading position of the similar products at home and abroad. Completion of the project fills China¡¯s gap in R&D of deep water drilling ship.
2. Offshore floating wind turbine platforms and coupled motion study
    In the project ¡°offshore floating wind turbine platforms and coupled motion study¡±, HEU independently develops a dynamic system model of wind turbine-platform-mooring and programs of load and motion prediction. Experimental verification has also been conducted.
3. ¡°The research and development of offshore oil 981 dynamic positioning system¡±
    The project completes the dynamic positioning system R&D of China¡¯s first deep sea semi-submersible drilling platform.
4. Deep Sea Space Station
    Deep Sea Space Station is one of the major projects of China¡¯s ¡°Eleventh Five-Year Plan¡± which aims to meet the civil requirements of long period and high-efficient development of deep sea resources.
    In the five sub-projects, Harbin Engineering University is mainly responsible for the development work of ¡°shuttle manned submersible¡± ¡°underwater communications network¡± and ¡°the technology of comprehensive detecting submersible¡±.
5. The research on free-standing pipe engineering and technology
    The project ¡°research on free-standing pipe engineering and technology¡± has carried out a study of the studies on overall plan, design analysis methods, the design method of top buoyancy tube ad installation analysis method of free-standing pipe, which provided technical support for the development of oil and gas resources of the deep sea area.

Future Research Directions:
£¨1£©The overall design and analysis technology of floating platform;
£¨2£©Auxiliary equipment operation technology;
£¨3£©Risk assessment of deepwater floating structures;
£¨4£©ocean engineering model test technology.

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